Step1: Brainstorming & Sketching

The first phase of any project is brainstorming and sketches, this helps us to transform the ideas into piece of paper. At Produx we are skilled to bring any innovative projects into practical using our brainstorming session.

Step2: User Persona Building

Now.. we got some data from the brainstorming session and its time to do research based on the input, At Produx we are skilled in do research and analysis of users and comes with a persona. A Persona is the imaginary character that represent your target user.

Step3: User Stories and Scenario Map

Now we have got the data and persona, lets get the party start!.. User stories based on research and analysis of actual user who interact with your application, At Produx we make everything design in story form, user is more engaged when you present the design that depicts their real world. Produx believes in every good story has a happy ending.

Step4: User flows

With the derived user stories, we will create the user flow for every screens in the application. These flow makes the user engaged and finish their desired task seamlessly without any hurdle. It helps to identify the usability issues and it gives scope to make better flow with minimal clicks. At Produx we are equipped with ux lab to create user flows and scenarios.

Step5: Wireframe and Mockups

Now come the most fun part from our sides, the more UX design things. Nothing better than something that give everyone a first visual impression about the products. At Produx we recommend to start with low-fedility wire frame to begin with that saves lot of time in evaluating the screen with users and stakeholders

Step6: UI Designs

Once done with the wireframes, prototypes, the UI guys start doing the rest of the jobs. However, UI part is quite complicated to get it right. Visual designs is very critical task to balance the beauty and UX together, Produx has skilled creative designer with UX in mind, a blend of both creative and ux together makes a complete application.

Step7: Development / Application Building

Now the designs are done and its time to develop the screens based on above designs, We follow agile methodology as process to develop. The smart development team makes the page live and active with data binding and functionality. We do testing the application in various scenarios and use cases. A complete report has been hand over to the stakeholder and customer.

Step8: Launch / release

After the above process steps, its time to roll-out. We have beta staging server to roll-out the web application, we launch it for beta testing and simultaneously we work on client / customer environment setup to launch the actual application. Once the beta version is tested in server, with NO bugs we will launch the product to live.